Cretya Ubud is a luxurious and exciting restaurant with a unique concept that embraces the beauty of nature. With three distinct floors, each offering ambiance and views, provides a multi-dimensional dining experience.

Cretya Ubud has 3 floor which consists of Yudistira on the 1st floor, Arjuna on the 2nd floor, and Bima on the 3rd floor with an open-air concept that ensures you enjoy your dishes in comfort and ease. With 3 layered pool and verdant rice field terrace view, offering you an opportunity to unwind and indulge in an exquisite escape experience. The pool area at Cretya Ubud is designated as an adults-only area, this policy ensures that the pool area remains a peaceful and sophisticated space.

Cretya Ubud is an luxury, fun restaurant which offers in the excitement that nature brings. Cretya Ubud has 3 floor which consists of Yudistira on the 1st floor, 2nd-floor is Arjuna, and 3rd-floor Bima, with an open-air concept, that ensures you enjoy your dishes in comfort and ease, with verdant rice field terrace view, an extensive day club pool with 3 layered pool. One place elevated affluent experience a feast for all senses.


is Located on the 1st floor of the restaurant, with direct access to the main bar.

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In recent days, there’s certain individuals or groups have been falsely representing themselves as affiliated with Cretya Ubud.


These fraudulent entities have been using the name of Cretya Ubud to deceive unsuspecting individuals, promising false services and accommodations. It is imperative for the public to exercise caution and vigilance when encountering any offers, promotions, or communications purportedly associated with Cretya Ubud.


Authentic information about Cretya Ubud can be verified through official channels, including the official website www.cretyaubud.com and official social media accounts that linked in our bio.