The new healing options in Ubud, Alasan Adventures offer a memorable adventurous journey you ever had. Nestled within 25 hectares of our jungle oasis, the winding road takes you deep into the heart of nature, to a hidden corner of the island that is steeped in local legend.
Alasan Adventure provides the first various ATV in Bali. With 3 selections of ATV rides are available for you to provide a different experience that will make your heart racing. Introducing you to 850cc ATV “The Beast” is the most challenging adventure to explore the pure nature of Bali, and 450cc ATV “The Savage”. 


Besides the ATV, we offering you another excitement outdoor activities. Start your day with our Electric Bike to explore the surrounding area while enjoying the scenic view of Tegalalang Rice Field. Our E-Bike provide an eco-friendly and accessible way to cover more ground. 

Following the E-Bike tour, engage in a Cycling activity. Whether it’s a leisurely ride through picturesque landscapes or a more challenging route for the adventurous, Cycling can encourage teamwork and collaboration. 


To add an element of friendly competition and excitement to the team-building, consider incorporating in our Paintball activity. This adrenaline-pumping activity can foster team spirit and create lasting memories for your group.


Combining e-bike tours, cycling, and paintball activities offers a well-rounded team-building experience that promotes physical activity, teamwork, and fun. It provides an opportunity for colleagues to bond, communicate, and work together in a dynamic and engaging setting.

Feel the fun and excitement at Alasan Adventure. Get the gang together, and unleash your inner beast!

Our Mr. Beast, more bigger, more powerfull will push your adrenaline spirit

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